• Hello Cody.

    Could you please direct me to where I would find saved sessions (i.e. via the "save" command on the top of the app) ?

    Also, can you please add insight into why said "save" command, when one clicks on it prior to competing the input, says to "please add water programming intent to save the image"

    Thank you.

    • Neal Witt
      Cody Mitchell Hey Neal! When you save your session, you should be able to locate your session creation in your download folder on your device. Your browser settings may also provide an option to open your download folder as a shortcut as well. This way you can go back and sit with it when ever you desire. When you save it, IMAGE uses the information you put in the text box below the image as the source for the title of the image, which can be changed when you get the pop-up to save the file. If it's left blank, it will g...  more
      - Jul 14
    • Neal Witt
      Neal Witt Thank you
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