• I have always loved flowers, Trees, bushes & what is around them ~ the unseen: Fairies, Gnomes, Elves, Little people & more recently, what is under them: the Mycelium, I call it all the 'Nature Net'. Whenever I am in a space I need To get out of ~ I look at flowers & trees - they bring me right back to me, that being I know & trust. In Australia we have tiny sting-less bees which are amazing. Thank you for connecting, Michael
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    • Michael Bray
      Cody Mitchell I love this. I bet you have an awesome garden. I don't think I'd be as happy without my little slice of plant life and nature surrounding me. Built a greenhouse this year, and expanded my garden once again. Sometimes it's nice to be able to go out and meditate in there and soak up the vibes.
      - Aug 28
    • Michael Bray
      Michael Bray Hi & Thanks for saying Hi, I have a small garden& the photo was when the Cosmo was very high, but now it has all died & seeds are sprouting this seasons flowers. When I meditate I go to sleep - difficult to stay awake :-) I am wanting to move to a bigger place & create A Holistic Care Centre - to help others who are not on medication - I had a stroke 4 years back in France & Im on Hemp seed oil - amazing stuff. I do a lot of grounding - no shoes - I love it We are now into Spring - a season of Wonders & Jo...  more
      - Sep 2