• Just wow. In my 25+ years of exploring modalities for clearing & healing myself & others, nothing has been on the level of imagi.It is a disruptor, like what netflix did to vid rentals. Faster, funner & comprehensive in its effectiveness. Every new level I shift into has been really gentle & minimal detox response from my body. Every major shift has felt like a jellyfish layer shimmied of my being, such a lovely experience, it inspires me to play with it more.

    Thank you Imagi team
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    • Jarrod Hopkins
      JD Aliix Hey, Jarrod. Thanks so much for the comments, and I'm glad you and Imagi are in such resonant alignment. It is an exquisitely powerful tool, no question, and after years, I still use it all the time, and I'm the one who designed it! Haha.
      - May 22
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    • Jarrod Hopkins
      Jarrod Hopkins Cool, I'll give it a go! I'm still amazed by imagi, I'm also seeing the results in my business as well, (I'm a locksmith). Things are just flowing, I'm not having to work as hard, my physical output to turnover ratio has become much more sustainable & body aches have reduced by a large amount 60=80%. I haven't applied it to my business, only to myself But my focus has been on clearing the programs of sacrifice for reward etc.
      - May 26