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    How to reconnect with your inner power

    Have you ever wished you could wave a magic wand and make all your problems disappear? Just the thought of it makes you feel better, right? When so many things in our world seem unsurmountable, magic might be the answer. But what exactly is magic? This is another question I wanted to ask Jason.

    So, Jason, what is magic?

    Jason: As I frequently point out, everything in our world is energy, combined with a frequency that shapes that energy into pre-programmed forms. In other words, there are no physical objects, only processes that emulate physicality. With that in mind, magic is nothing more, nor less, than the conscious direction of energy by a person. This is true no matter what age or era in which magic is practiced. Prior to modern times it might have seemed mystical or “out there,” but even in olden times magic was just the conscious direction of energy.

    Fast forward to today, and you have a tagline “manifest the life you desire,” as an example, where visualization and energy are used to get you what you want. That’s just another way of doing “magic.”

    Now, what is that energy, you may ask? This energy that creates things is simply our nature, what we are made of, and what everything in the universe is made of. It is the energy of love.

    What has been the role of magic and magicians in our history?

    Jason: It depends on the level on which the “magician” operates. From the highest perspective, magic, or the occult, has guided the trajectories of this world for 10,000 years, from both sides of the bad / good equation, and still does. The most powerful people in the world are often high-level practitioners of the occult, or are being helped by such practitioners. For example, in ancient China, fengshui—the art of using energy forces to harmonize a person’s energy with their environment—was originally reserved for the Emperor and his family.

    What do magicians actually do?

    Jason: Whatever method, technique, ritual, or ingredient magicians use, they always direct energy to accomplish a given objective.

    Is there a place for magic in the 21st century?

    Jason: Sure. The law of attraction can be seen as a form of magic. Visualizing what you want can be one of the ways to achieve magical results. And so is the act of consciously willing your neighbor’s dog to shut up.

    Now, what can we do with this? We actually have a responsibility to create in a way that is respectful of the rest of the world. Everybody has something to add to this world. We just need to remember what it is.

    Do we all have an inner magician? If so, how can we develop it?

    Jason: Yes. The development of energy-generating “organs”, such as the pineal gland, as well as the development of your imagination and intuition simply requires consistent practice, use, trust, and emotional involvement. So, just like with any other skill, you need to practice and use it, which will automatically increase your trust in the processes.

    Are there tools that can help us live a magical life?

    Jason: There are all kinds of tools to help you live a more “mystical” life, is how I’d put it. The place where you can start is again to understand that it’s all about energy, and that you’re already an expert at consciously or unconsciously directing that energy. It’s worth emphasizing this. There isn’t anybody who isn’t, by definition, already practicing magic, because they’re already directing energy every second of the day. It doesn’t require a cloak and a wand to direct energy. All it takes is the recognition that you’re directing energy at all times, and deciding to stop wasting so much time and energy directing that energy into everything you shouldn’t (i.e. things that are not worth it, or that are not helping you). That’s called conscious living. Some would say that conscious living is living a magical life. If that’s not enough for it to be magical, or mystical, you can certainly get some candles, an altar, a mirror, a cloak and a wand…there, that’s magic.

    Can you discuss some of the tools you created?

    Jason: To answer this, it’s worth noting that most people’s energy is cluttered and toxified, with energy barriers and blockages, poor thinking patterns, and an astoundingly high quotient of totally wasted energy on stuff that doesn’t really matter. Our tools allow to direct energy, without being encumbered by such barriers, blockages, and energy drains.

    If a person is the “engine” for generating the energy to create something, which is just another way of saying “magic,” and they’re too cluttered for an intention to even get to the stuff from which everything is made to start shaping it, then using one of our “engines” is a good way to go. I’ll explain how some of them work below.

    Imagi – This is a web/mobile app that uses “universal machine level” symbols and one’s higher selves—yes, we have more than one—to motivate the energy, very powerfully and free of all impedance, utilizing only the user’s intent in the process. In other words, the only involvement of a user with Imagi is their intent. The user arranges the symbols and art of the application in a way that creates something of aesthetic value to them. Making beautiful things is always a way to communicate with higher levels of ourselves, increasing the effectiveness of the application.

    Merlin Power Stones – It’s important to know that everybody is walking a path, and that they’re on their designated path. The only question is how cluttered, twisted, difficult, harrowing, emotional, etc., that path is. But a person’s path is just a reflection of their inner environment. Merlin Power Stones declutter the person’s inner environment and energy field, and, therefore, their path. It then becomes easier for someone to move along that path, discovering new resonant opportunities that simply enhance their experience, and attracting even greater ones.

    Merlin Power Stones are exquisitely powerful. They’ll do what they do irrespective of the belief of the person, as they are their own self-aware entity. In other words, they’re alive. This brings up another important point. Merlin Power Stones will not help with the manifestation of anything that isn’t true to the person’s path. This means that sometimes a person’s personality might think something is necessary to have, when the truth is, it isn’t. Merlin Power Stones will also not manifest anything that would interfere with their owner’s growth.

    Alchemy – Our ingestible alchemical products are the most powerful tools we have for helping people to optimize the power, ease, and flow of their lives. And this could be the topic for another discussion.

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    Brigitte Mouchet is a wellness entrepreneur passionate about exploring the mystery of our human experience. Jason Davis is an author, alchemist, astronomer, quantum physiologist, high-level pioneer in consciousness, comedian, clown, and a mystic with an amazing grasp of the deepest workings of the Universe. His mission is to help people free their minds so they can maximize their journey on this planet. He created the IMAGI app to make it easier for people to hack their reality, and add magic back into their lives. My goal as the editor of this blog is to bring you the most relevant and useful bits of wisdom for our time… by asking Jason. Want to stretch your consciousness? Come back here for more and Follow us on Facebook or Instagram.