About Imagi




Imagi works, quickly, effortlessly and powerfully. It’s magic, or in modern times we might call this "energy manipulation," and it operates on very high levels. Many of you will want to know HOW it works. Even though a thousand-page book could be written on this deeply esoteric and humongous topic, we’ll wrap it up on this page.


Your attention is energy. It flows energy, and it directs energy. That's why we change subatomic particles in quantum mechanical ways when we observe them. Therefore, your attention is energy directing energy. It's very straightforward, and we're never not doing it, even in our sleep (in many cases, even more in our sleep).


Furthermore, there isn't anything that isn't energy. Directing and qualifying energy is the act of creating. Imposing frequencies upon energy is the act of configuring that energy into thoughtforms (around here, thought is form). Your visualizations are frequencies. If you visualize a tree, your brain is outputting certain frequencies. If you switch to visualizing an ocean, the brain's electromagnetic frequency output changes from the output of the tree to the output of an ocean. Symbols, colors, code, language...all come together to create frequencies, or sets of frequencies. When using Imagi, you'll see the Energize button starts a water ripple effect. There is more than just symbolic "liquidity" (changeability) going on with this. That water effect is also code, energy, and it is raw unqualified potential until you yourself define what it is to do, or be. You direct this energy with your attention, and you tell it what to be by typing an intent in Imagi's Construct.




There are many layers to you, a multiplicity of being. The Ancient Egyptians had many names for these selves and bodies, as did the esoteric traditions of all ancient wisdom societies who had shamanic adepts among them. Aboriginal peoples all over the world know about these layers of self, what they do, their purpose/s, their capabilities, and have known for thousands of years. When Sigmund Freud thought he’d discovered the Id, Ego, and Superego, he was merely 10,000 years late to the party.


The largest of these selves is known under many labels. In new age circles, the popular reference is “higher self.” It’s an inadequate reference, however. But then no label or any number of words could ever come close to encompassing or explaining that almost inconceivably vast layer of you. Think of yourself as a set of Russian Nesting Dolls, one self held within the mind of the next largest self. The largest is what we will call “Metaself.”


Imagi taps into that layer, and other layers, completely unencumbered by the conscious layer (Freud’s Ego) – which is the layer you see in the mirror. That layer contains conscious and subconscious blocks, such as beliefs, indoctrination, emotions, emotional hang-ups and programs. The volume of accumulations we all take on to operate in this heavily toxic world is astounding, and it requires maintenance every single day to keep clear of it. That in fact is one of Imagi’s most useful daily purposes: clear me of everything that must go. You name it – it may well be standing in the way of whatever you want to do, accomplish or be. Very few people are aware of how programmed these sub-selves are, how subversive they can be, or what they’re programmed with, or what their hardcoded habits or agendas are.


You can use Imagi to manifest wonderful things in your life, and there’s no limit to the creativity you can bring to the whole affair. To that end, Imagi also uses art, symbols, sigils, and your own artistic sensibilities, to penetrate through to and speak to those other layers of self. Aesthetic beauty has been used forever to communicate with those layers of self, and the more you play with your Imagi designs, the deeper you sink into the signal, the conduit, between layers of reality.




Imagi is for you and those you love. If you set out to bring about world peace, you’re only stepping on the toes of everyone out there who is here to keep world peace from happening. You’re welcome to try, of course, but just know that your own Metaself will gather and concentrate the energy and do something far wiser with it. This is going to be true for any attempt at anything deemed inappropriate by selves who are far wiser than we are. There are many things we can accomplish as a group, however, but we won’t be going into the scope of such things on this page.


You’re welcome to try anything you want, for any purpose, but if it’s not for you and those you love, it might not work. That being the case, don’t blame Imagi!


Imagi is also completely incapable of doing harm. If your intent is to do harm, it just won’t work and you’d be wasting your time, to say nothing of your projections and expressions circling immediately back onto you.




Let’s bring the thinking full circle. If you are a critical participant in producing all you  perceive, then, as you’ve probably read many times, all that must change is your perception. In fact, let’s just unlimit your perception, which is a glorious and lasting freedom. We, the creators of Imagi, aren’t interested in changing the world we perceive. Nope. We’re interested in manifesting its replacement, so we say, “let’s bend our creativity towards that beautiful future.”


This brings us to the RulesPlease read them, because if your account gets deleted without preamble or warning, the reason for it will be found in those Rules.