Potential Uses


These are really just ideas on the staggering array of purposes you can set Imagi to. If you discover a clever use or intent, please share it in the forums. Also, these are by no means definitive lists. In Imagi, you can type these up any way you like. At the top of each page is an example typed intent.


General Purpose

Human Potential

Mental & Physical Performance

Cleanse & Regenerate Body Systems

Toxic Habits & Environmental Pollutants

Mood Altering


MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: The Imagi Web Application to which these use ideas refer is for experimental and recreational purposes only, and we make no representations, nor warranties, nor health, nor medical claims, nor any declarations with respect to results. Nothing in this information is intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition, and no part of anything on this site or found elsewhere in relation to this site in print or electronic media has been evaluated by the US Food & Drug Administration.