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  • Tornados

    Posted Nov 17 by Shelly Merk

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    From the time I was a child and well into adulthood.  I had recurring dreams of tornados.  It was always the same.  Tornados coming or flying around.  I don't recall ever being scared.  Maybe wak Read More...

  • Sun Meditation with a Hitch...

    Posted Oct 28 by Marie Kaiser-Schmerse

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    I've been doing the Sun Meditation on and off for about two weeks now, and it is always incredible, powerful but gentle, and amazing.  This morning, as I was parked, waiting for the contractors to arrive at the apa Read More...

  • My Imagi Intents & Scheduling

    Posted Sep 17 by Jason Davis

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    Life is so frenetic, and so weirdly successful at distracting us all from the things we need to do, or remind ourselves NOT to do. We need to work on things that have a firm grip on us, and those things are also the many Read More...

  • Experiment update

    Posted Jun 21 by Mary Betts

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    I am really having fun with this application. I am on vacation and it was my birthday today so I first inquired if it was ok to set several intentions at a time and my pendulum gave a very emphatic yes so I set the inten Read More...

  • Experiment notes

    Posted Jun 13 by Mary Betts

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    It's been several days since I started the water treatments for focus and productivity. I am noticing that everything in my world is bending itself to help me achieve this goal which is an added benefit that I did not ex Read More...

  • Imagi experiements

    Posted Jun 9 by Mary Betts

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    This is a journal post reflecting my experiments and successes with Imagi. I did several sessions last week involving focus, mental clarity and productivity. I noticed that I felt sleepy early after the session earlier i Read More...