These are the Imagi.Love Rules for site and app use. In accessing this site, you agree to abide by these Rules. If you want to go over the Terms of Service go here, or for the blanket Privacy Compliance Information, go here.


Think of the entire Imagi.Love website as our home, and the members a family. As such, we don’t want someone’s muddy shoes making tracks across our floor. We don’t want belligerent zealots pushing through the front door and telling us we’re wrong, or that we need to believe differently, or do things differently. If you do these things, we'll give you one warning, and if you continue, we’ll toss you out the front door without so much as a second glance. It’s our home, and anybody who wants to also make it their home is welcomed with huge smiles and open arms.


You should know right out of the gate, Imagi can't be used for harm. It's not even a rule. It just plain won't work.


For forums, blogs, or any other publicly available document on this site initiated by members, let’s spell it out:


1) Foul language will not be tolerated. If you use it, you’re probably unaware of what it’s doing both to you and everyone with whom you come in contact. There are few more effective ways to soil our home’s floors and furniture, and it’s our rather arduous job to keep Imagi.Love clean and clear. If you’re here, chances are you have a grasp of energy, that you yourself are energy, and the energy those low vibe expressions bring is more damaging than your knowledge, wisdom, or imagination knows. 


2) The Simple Golden Rule: Treat others here as you want to be treated. Of course, we’re well familiar with the idea that many people want to be treated badly. That’s very deep programming from a staggering array of sources and causes, and we honor your preferences, but we don’t invite your projection of that into our home and members. To be more specific:


  • Flaming - posts which personally berate or insult another member.
  • Trolling - posting derogatory or inflammatory comments/threads attempting to bait other users into responding.
  • Personal attacks - posts that insult a poster directly. This includes any attacks against forum moderators and site owners.


3) Account Removal: We will remove anything or anyone for any reason at any time. It will almost never happen, but it has been known to.


4) No spamming, no phishing, no soliciting of private emails. Imagi.Love is going to grow into a thriving commercial community, and members will have the ability to ply their trades or sell their products, but this will be done through establishing friendships, groups and networks.