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    November 7, 2019 5:06 PM MST


    • Forget to clear and prep any medium (like water) before creating your beautiful programming session? Just open another Imagi tab and prep it with that one. You can run as many Imagi tabs as you like.
    • It’s a good idea to clean out Imagi’s “pipes” every few uses. The best way is to exit the browser tab with Imagi and launch it again.
    • If Imagi is running sluggish or choppy, it’s probably due to a mild caching issue. It could also be from running an older computer and/or operating system. Try closing the tab, launching Imagi again, and then press Shift and Reload/Refresh at the same time on both PCs and Macs.
    • You might have noticed that an ended session might make your symbols look a little wavy or distorted. This only matters If you want to reuse a session. If so, just replace the background with the same one you used or choose another.
    • Can’t recall if you’ve run a session? If you have, the symbols will have been copied. To check, all you have to do is move a symbol, and if its copy is there, you’ve run the session.
    • The Save function won’t work if you haven’t typed something in the Intent Field. If you want to save a session image, the best way to do it after completing your design is to type what you want the file to be named in the Intent Field, like “kidney cleanse.” That will then be saved as kidney cleanse.png when you click or tap the Save button.
    • The Save function is sometimes a little slow. If you’ve clicked Save and nothing seems to happen, it could be your browser is set up to save automatically to a given folder, usually Downloads, and the image file is already downloaded. If you don’t see a dialog box for file naming and location selection, that’s almost certainly how your browser is set up. If your browser is set up to let you type a filename and browse for file location, clicking or tapping the Save button should bring up the dialog box. If it doesn’t, give it a few seconds. If it still doesn’t, please let us know.


    • Imagi Desktop also works on mobile devices, but it isn’t the mobile version. On some tablets, pads and smartphones, it might work quite well. It works pretty nicely on my Android, which has the standard-sized screen for large smartphones these days. It has the full functionality of the desktop version. I sometimes prefer using it, depending on what I want to do. To reach the desktop version with your mobile device, you’ll want to open the options (usually 3 vertical dots) in whatever browser you use. If it has a Desktop Site, or View in Desktop, or something like that, then that’s how it’s done. You’d want the mobile version already open. Brave is an excellent browser on both Android and Apple devices. It has the option to choose the desktop version of any mobile site, and it has good security.
    • We recommend you use Imagi Mobile in landscape mode, meaning when your smartphone is sideways. It’s just prettier and easier to manipulate the Glyphs and Linkages. It runs in both portrait and landscape modes, but if you build a session and then change the phone’s orientation, it will reset Imagi. That’s because the backgrounds are all sized according to the landscape or portrait orientation.
    • This tip, therefore, is do not change the orientation after you’ve built your session. In other words, don’t tip your device.
    • After you’ve tapped up your intent, do NOT hit Enter, or Go, or Done, or whatever your device might say after you’ve typed anything in the Intent field. If you do, your device will want to go to a saving function that hasn’t been implemented, and because we might want to finish and refine it, we’re leaving it in place for a later release. Instead, retract the keyboard, then tap the Settings gear to retract the options (unless you want to select more Glyphs or Linkages, or set the timer, for your session Construct).
    • We recommend the use of a stylus pen for the more intricate design work on Imagi Mobile. They’re very nice, and they make it so our big fingers aren’t in the way when we’re moving the Glyphs and/or Linkages around for design placement. They’re inexpensive and can be found everywhere, including any electronics or department store. To get one online, just do a search for “mobile stylus pen.”
    • Imagi Mobile can be really cool to use and design with when using a stylus pen. I will often design and run a session or two for restful sleep and wonderful dreams as the last thing I do before pulling the covers up to my chin and putting the phone on airplane mode.

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    November 28, 2022 3:22 PM MST
    How exactly would I use the app? I don't get it.
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    November 30, 2022 11:30 AM MST

    Hi, Maria. Under IMAGI APPLICATION are video tutorials. They're short and simple. It's extremely easy to use. Open the application, type an intent, hit enter, and use the buttons along the right to automatically populate the app with the images. Hit the atom button to energize. That's pretty much all there is to it.