Experiments to Try




If you’ve read some of the other information about Imagi, then what we talk about here will make more sense.


The easiest test in the world is to pour some water into something, preferably a glass, taste it, then hit it with Media Prep, then taste it again. It’ll be different. Then put an intent into it and taste it again. You’ll get three different flavors. They’ll range anywhere from subtle change to “wow” change.


The second easiest test is to set up a session, configure the Construct with an intent you would want a shower to provide, type the intent, set the timer, and go start the shower. Then run the session on the shower and get in. Generally, the water will be silkier, because structured water tends to be wetter, almost like soft water.


The third easiest is to run it on a bath. Once you’re in the bath, you might find it hard to talk yourself into getting out! Good luck with that (grin).


Get some clear, or semi-clear, Dixie Cups. Pour distilled water into each and put one of them in another room. Put your attention on one and hit it with Media Prep. Freeze them both. In the one you hit with Media Prep, you should see some sort of structure, most generally a spiral, or area of “cloudy” concentration at the center. The other should not exhibit anything of note. If it doesn’t work, think nothing of it. It will at some point for you. You can also do this to an ice-tray. Don’t be surprised if you see something strange, like spikes or other protruding shapes from the individual cubes.


If you have a pet, especially a cat, fill two bowls with water you’d give to the pet. Hit one of them with Media Prep and set them both out. Almost 100% of the time, the pet will go to the treated bowl. Don’t be surprised if your cat or dog wants to sit in your lap more assertively when you’re building sessions. Also, you might find if you save and print one of your designs and set it on the floor, your pet might curl up right on top of it.


Hit any water with Media Prep and water your plants with it. If you program the water with an intent, like “thrive!”, they’ll love it. If you need more proof, get two sets of trays to grow sprouts of some kind, like radish or broccoli. Sprout one tray-full in treated water, and the other in untreated water. Continue watering them with the two different sources. The one growing in treated water will be taller, greener, healthier, will taste better, richer, etc.


Get yourself a bottle of wine of medium quality. Open and taste it for the before and after testing. Hit it with Media Prep and taste it. We’ve done this hundreds of times, and it should elevate the wine quality, mature it. We have been involved in products that were featured in wine connoisseur magazines, who reported that the products were amazing, but it was a complete mystery as to why they worked! (Well, not to us, haha!).


Warning! If you hit beer with Media Prep, it will probably flatten it.


If you’re an even heavier drinker, try this: get a bottle of any liquor you’d drink, like a low or medium whiskey or tequila. Take a half-shot to get the flavor fixed in your mind. Hit it with Media Prep and taste it again. It will be smoother, mellower, more mature, and more than just noticeably better.


Don’t forget to hit your food!