Programming Water & Objects




You can program anything, including yourself, your cells, and so on, but unless your “physical” body and subtle bodies are pretty clear, the effect can be limited by the energetic accumulations of densities and programs hung up all over in our fields. There are more efficient and effective ways of doing the programming to carry out the magical operations of your desires.


First off, Imagi structures water. Water becomes destructured if it passes through at least 2 feet of any metal pipe, and there are many other influences which can destructure water in our polluted world. The water molecule becomes unstructured, sort of amorphous. When a water molecule is properly structured, it will look like a snowflake, especially under dark field microscopy. If you're familiar with Dr. Masaru Emoto, you'll be familiar with what we're talking about, and simply taping the word "Love" to a glass of water will structure the molecules, and this has been proven many times. You can look more into Dr. Emoto's work here. And any search for "structured water" will produce many results. We have some experiment ideas for you to play with, if you'd like some physical proof.


Why is structured water important? For our purposes, if it's not structured, it's not nearly as efficiently absorbed by your cells. Structured water increases hydration, thus hydrogen and oxygen uptake. Plus, structured water is far more easily and efficiently programmed. Drinking lots of clean structured water every day would, in fact, help relieve many health problems.


This is the very reason we use Imagi to program water, or crystals, stones, talismans, amulets, just about anything, instead of ourselves and the water that makes up 55-70% of our physical selves’ cells. You can program your own physicality, but it might not be as effective. A crystal can be cleared for programming in 10 seconds. Clearing (what we sometimes call blank-slating) a human could by comparison take a decade…or a lifetime. Overcoming ancient patterns, from past lives as an example, can be an uphill battle for a very long time because the habits that create them continue to generate and accumulate the problems. Programming water or other fluids, or any other media, and consuming it, carrying a crystal with you, etc., can do all that deep clearing work 24 x 7 x 365, thus making YOU and your other layers of selves more programmable.