Mental and Physical Performance

You could try boost ATP," or something like, "rebuild cartilage knee," or maybe, "increase cognitive acuity."

It's important to know that for some of these, treating water and directly applying to the body can enhance the effects of ingestion alone.


Adrenaline Balance - or Release, or Control

ATP Production - adenosine triphosphate, muscle and tissue fuel

Balance Blood pH

Bone Recovery - help the bone bounce back

Brain Hemispheric Balancing - analytical and feeling cooperate, optimizing performance

Cartilage Recovery - after the triathlon, assist the cartilage in recovery

Creatine Production - ATP and creatine are related, but creatine creates muscle mass

Endurance Strength - strength and stamina for even distribution over time

Fascial Recovery - assist connective tissue in recovery

General Physical Energy - overall physical energy for any purpose

In the Zone - Zen in athletic and physical performance, effortlessness

Mental Energy - sports is as much mental as physical, reach your peak

Muscle Cramps - crystals, relaxation

Muscle Gain - lean muscle mass gain

Muscle Recovery - quick recovery

Orgasm Enhancement - tune the array of sensation to higher levels

Reading Improvement - comprehension, retention, speed

Relaxation - perform without nervousness

Study Support - focus, cram, stay awake, retain, perform

Superhydration - where less water becomes more

Superoxygenation - inreased cellular absorption

Tendon Recovery - quick recovery