Human Potential


A good way to word something from this list: "overcome alcohol addiction," or you could try, "open new doors for financial abundance," or you could try, "bring new ideas, new opportunities, for financial abundance."


It's important to know that for some of these, treating water and directly applying to the body can enhance the effects of ingestion alone. 


Abandonment - banish the fear, be rid of phantom attachments

Abundance - financial, spiritual, family - all its forms

Addiction (General) - be gone, free the soul for true joy alone

Anger/Irritability - stimulus-response mechanism, observation without participation

Anxiety/Overwhelm - in the larger scheme of things, it’s OK to feel great about your roles

Awe - nurture and awaken to the beauty of it all

Bliss - it’s there for all, a wonderful state of being

Body Sculpting/Toning - physical appearance changes (patience required)

Breast Enlargement - physical modifications take time...stay with it

Broken Heart - a mend that starts at your center, the heart as overseer

Chakra/Root - open, energize, balance, tune

Chakra/Navel - open, energize, balance, tune

Chakra/Solar Plex - open, energize, balance, tune

Chakra/Heart - open, energize, balance, tune

Chakra/Throat - open, energize, balance, tune

Chakra/Third Eye - open, energize, balance, tune

Chakra/Crown - open, energize, balance, tune

Charisma/Magnetism - if you're to have it, it's in there

Communication Skills - open this sometimes latent ability

Courage - pure, solid, where you live, and you don’t need witnesses

Creativity - awaken the creative powerhouse within

Dream Enhancement - vivid, even lucid, nocturnal adventures

Earth Connection - increase connection to the Mother

Emotional Dependence - yourself is fine and needs no other, build strength and faith in you

Emotional Pain - observe more, participate less, get over it

Eyesight - refresh, rejuvenate, sharpen

Facial Wrinkles - ingestion and/or direct application - cells reborn, water balanced, skin renewed

Fat Loss - burn, baby, burn; fire the body’s furnace, burn the excess, cleanse the debris

Fear/Phobia - face the demons, the only thing to fear is fear itself, step into your power

Forgiveness - an elementary step, release the bindings

Fountain of Youth - the youthful you is still in there

General Wellbeing - all is well in heaven and Earth

Great Night Sleep - shut it all down, turn off the lights, and drift into the dreamstream

Grounding - refocus to keep the feet on the ground, the spirit will still soar far and wide

Guilt - so pointless we can’t even go into it, just use it and be liberated

Hair Health - just all around well-being for the hair

Hair Growth Restoration - ingestion and/or direct application - maybe sprout some new sprigs up there

Happiness - move from the trees, see the forest

Hearing - tune, tone, improve

Hope - the virtual power of life - does spring eternal

Hormones - balance, control, rejuvenate those incredible compounds of being

Human Experience - potluck, but inevitably addresses the beauty of being human

Impulsiveness (high) - look before leaping, think (if necessary) but don’t confuse with spontaneity

Impulsiveness (low) - too cautious(?) when sometimes impulses are interesting to explore

Inner Beauty - it’s there, now just look at it, REALLY look at it

Intuition Enhancement - tune into the subtle vibes crossing the airways

Jealousy - ego events are often toxic, you have what you need, be yourself

Kundalini - balanced flow, excitation

Letting Go - betrayal, rejection, guilt, abandonment, resentment, vengeance, etc.

Loneliness - alone is good, learn to like yourself and explore creativity, revel in who you are

Love - the one binding principle of Existence, let it permeate your being, let it flow

Lunar Connection - increase connection to the watery and feminine mystery

Meditation - increase the depth, meaning and effectiveness of your practice

Mental Clarity - let the light shine in, clear confusion, focus, use intent purposefully

Mental Energy - brain drain stops, revitalize cells, explore life, unleash creativity

Muscle Gain - lean muscle mass gain

Natural Hair Color - it’s quite all right if you prefer not to be gray, reawaken pigments

Narcissism - only you and the mirror give a damn, but there’s hope since you’re looking here

Nutrient Uptake - increase the absorption and use of all nutrients

Obsessive-Compulsive - wastes too much energy, forget it, let it go, time better spent creating, enjoying

Oral Health - a rinse will be refreshing, revitalizing and sugar free

Patience - a virtue, balance with expectation for nonstressful peace

Personal Power - always there, tune in, feel it, use it, don’t abuse it

pH Balancing - a vital element of human function, balance, protect, defend from toxins

Pheromones - crank up the output of your animal scents and sense

Physical Energy - maximize the use of the marvel of body and mind, a nice way to feel

Pride (Self) - ego is an excuse, retarding growth, stamp it out and let the spirit rule

Procrastination - don’t put it off any longer, just USE it

Psi Abilities - awaken and attune the higher and subtler senses

Public Speaking - open and infuse the throat chakra, step into the power, confidence and ease will follow

Quiet Mind - the chatter seems to lose its voice, or for that matter anything to say

Rejection - don’t let the ego respond, move on, who cares anyway

Retention - for learning, information, the stuff that counts, along with improved access

Relaxation - a state of blissful repose recharges the power

Scars - cells, do your thing, fix the pattern, restore the order

Self-Confidence - you are extraordinary, you can do anything, remember that, feel it within

Self-Sufficiency - be an island, self sustaining

Selflessness - this is the master key to growth, and it can be acquired

Self-Reverence - love yourself, though hard to do, and if you work on it, reverence follows

Sex Drive - just crank it up and be uninhibited in exploring it

Shame - a part of guilt, a disease of humanity, a negative to be rid of

Skin Radiance - glow, radiate, smile, love yourself

Solar Connection - increase connection to the generative fire and intelligence

Stress Relief - relieve it, build a shield against it

Vanity - if you want to impress others you’ll have to lose this hook to prove it to yourself

Weight Gain - need more, then wear it like a new outfit

Wonder - return to and remember the awe of it all as a child would