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    May 26, 2022 10:22 AM MDT

    Hey Jason, Just a few curiosities...

    1. If I have the glyphs touching are they connected... or do I need to use the linkages? for that matter if they are not touching are they all still connected and working together. So that brings me to how do the linkages improve the purpose of the energizing. 

    2 FYI my second creation was "I know technology" haha with the glyphs to support and the astrology for me... I hope it helps.

    3. When will I be able to save my creations in your program so I can run the same one each day?

    4. if I save them on my Mac in a desktop folder, how can I watch them again? and are they the same energy?

    5. Once I create one, energize and save... how do I clear the. image and go to a fresh screen for a new creation?. so far I've just closed the app and opened it again.