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    i managed to sent the pict to my pc and posting here... is a ;lengthier process If there could be a facility like there is one under general posting for the ability to post pictures from ones's phone this could help? Blessings.

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    Cosmic Alignment

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    'What I need most now' since I didn't consciously know what I should put down as an intention.  Used the auto features, hoping that Metaself would work it out for me. 

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    Manifesting healthy gums and teeth

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    Dynamic Self-Love

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    June 24, 2019 4:05 PM MDT

    This is a testimonial....

    One week and 3 days ago I went to the dentist with some pain/swelling and other perio issues.  This is not uncommon as I have battled bone loss and perio disease most of my adult life.  I have excellent dental hygiene and regular dental care but have slowly been loosing the battle.  I knew this time something was very wrong.  After many x-rays and much stress the dentist and this woman came in.  She was administrative from corporate.   They stationed themselves one on each side of my chair.  I was told I had an abscess on a tooth and all of my top teeth needed to be pulled.  They would then replace those with just 6 titanium implants.  I was horrified at the prospect and ask for other options.  The dentist said very little.  This woman monster proceeded to tell me how awful the situation was and this was the only way.  She demanded a YES answer on the spot.  I tried to explain my current situation and such....asking for cost and alternatives.  By this time I was crying.  She stood solid with no compassion or any discussion other then....this is what needs to happen.  When I refused to give the yes answer they both walked out and left me crying in the chair.  I waited alone for what seemed a lifetime.  Just as I was about to leave a worker came in and gave me the written plan with a price tag of $20,000!!!  I freaked out and left the building.  The dentist never actually looking in my mouth.

    Distraught in mental and physical pain I reached out to Jason.  He told me about Imagi and invited me in.  I started making water the very next morning for this condition.  The improvement was swift and unbelievable.  This told me the application works but I needed to stay on it.  I have.  Each day I could feel more and more improvement but would be alerted to back slide resistance.  The infection was on the run.  I could feel it moving all around trying to take hold in other areas. After about 5 days I fell into a deep sleep.  I awoke sitting straight up and declared the the abscess was gone or at least contained.  I kept making and drinking the water.  More improvement...back slide...more improvement back slide.  Last night I could feel it( (infection) running all around with less or little strength.  But still there.  Exhausted I verbally out loud ask...."What am I supposed to learn from this right now?"  "Do I really need to experience an abscess tooth?"  

    I awoke feeling my mouth.  It felt almost perfect.  I brushed, flossed and rinsed.  Being brave I took the mirror and looked at the diseased tooth from behind.  The discoloration that viewed before was receding.  I don't know how that can be...but it is!

    This is a short (haha) detail of the power of Imagi.  Auto population for design and dreams (crown Joy) a big part of the whole picture for healing and success.


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